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an image of some rocks that are on the side of a mountain or hill with no people around it
Orontid dynasty - Wikipedia
Turkey nemrut dagi 1 - Orontid dynasty - Wikipedia
an ancient relief depicting two men drinking from cups
Archaeo - Histories on Twitter
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an old door in the side of a mountain with no people around it on a sunny day
Wikiwand - Urartu Dini
Urartu Dini - Urartu was a powerful kingdom that rivaled the Assyrian Empire in the first millennium B.C. It extended from northeastern Turkey into northwestern Iran. Its settlements were palace-fortresses that protected agricultural production and supported many crafts, especially an extensive metalworking industry. In the late seventh century B.C., Urartian centers were destroyed by an enemy whose identity remains unknown
the castle is built high up on the side of the mountain and has two towers
carvings on the side of a cave wall in an area that looks like it has been carved
Ancient Cave Dwellings of Armenia - PeopleOfAr
an old castle on top of a grassy hill
a piece of art that is on the wall
Fragment de plaque votive, VIIe - VIe siècle av. J.C., Armenia
an ancient statue carved into the side of a mountain
Զինվորի բարձրաքանդակ. Դարույնք, Վանի թագավորություն —
an old cast iron shoe with two feet and one foot sticking out from the side
Urartian Bronze Lion’s Foot, Late 8th Century BC
an egyptian stencil depicting two men and a dog
AN URARTIAN BRONZE VOTIVE PLAQUE | CIRCA 8TH-7TH CENTURY B.C. | 9th Century B.C., Ancient Art & Antiquities | Christie's
an ancient coin with some writing on it
Wikiwand - Art of Urartu
Art of Urartu - Wikiwand