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an old stone wall with holes in it and designs painted on the walls above them
Malta's 6,000 year old Hypogeum - built to alter minds with sound?
hypogeum malta | Spiral ceiling of the Oracle Room
an aerial view of the remains of a roman city
Mnajdra Megalithic temple complex, Malta. c. 3600-3200 BCE (This seems to have the sanctum, inner court, outer court pattern of many later temples in sundry cultures)
an old stone structure with holes in the middle and rocks around it, including one door
Hagar Qim Temples older than the Pyramids. Malta.
an ancient sculpture is displayed on a red display case in a dark room with black lighting
Sleeping Lady, Malta, ca. 3300-3000 BC – Wikipedia
an old statue is sitting on a red surface
The Mal'ta - Buret' venuses and culture in Siberia
Mal'ta venus figurine. Vienna Natural History Museum.
an image of a sculpture that looks like it has been made out of stacked rocks
Female Figurine 22th-21th millenium BC, Paleolithic. Mammoth ivory, Malta settlement, Siberia. This miniature figurine represents a woman in fur overalls, typical of Malta statuettes. All the figure, with the exception of the face, is covered with parallel horizontal incised lines. The face is flat and wide, and the eyes and nose are clearly indicated. The legs taper towards the feet. A hole in the place of feet shows that this figurine was used as an amulet.
an ancient ship carved in stone on the side of a rock wall, with lines drawn across it
1600 BCE, The Tarxien ship graffiti are among the oldest in the Mediterranean. This period of Malta represents a distinct and later culture from the Maltese monument builders whose culture ended circa 2500 BCE.
an ancient figurine is displayed on a table
Venus Figurines
Mal'ta Venus - a palaeolithic figurine discovered in a cave on the Angara River…
an image of ancient egyptian statues on display
Museum of Archaeology - VisitGozo
5000-year-old stone carvings to relics of the Phoenician, Roman, Arab and Medieval Christian eras on the island of Malta are now at the Gozo Museum of Archaeology. - Gozo - Museum of Archaeology - Visit Gozo
a large rock formation in the middle of nowhere
Ġgantija -
a stone pillar sitting in the middle of a room filled with rocks and cement walls
Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Hagar Qim Neolithic Temple y Mnajdra Neolithic Temples (Malta)
Hagar Qim
an ancient sculpture is displayed in a museum
Venus of Malta (4,500 BCE). The statuette is related to the worship of the goddes of fertility. Probably the woman asleep was a priestess who had to construe the will of the goddess from her dreams
a stone object with holes in it on a blue background and the image is taken from below
The Mal'ta - Buret' venuses and culture in Siberia
Malta, Diberia. calendar plate(?) research similar to the engraved circles often seen in Jiroft art
the interior of a cave with stone walls
Hal Saflieni Hypogeum - Paola, Malta
The Hypogeum Hal Saflini (Malta). It's the only known prehistoric underground temple in the world.
an ancient statue with two sheeps on it's back
Avviż ta' Ridirezzjoni
Prehistoric Malta