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Life is the only fortune. -- Laski生命是惟一的财富。——拉斯基

Life is the only fortune. -- Laski生命是惟一的财富。——拉斯基

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University of Nebraska at Omaha Library where I worked in the late It is now named the Criss Library and has been enlarged. I wonder if they do this to all their books.

What if I told you I had a heart condition? How would you react? I'm guessing you would probably feel sorry for me. Well, guess what? The truth is we all have a heart problem. Whatever you allow in your heart is what determines your attitude and thoughts. As Christians we are always trying to do the "Christian thing" but sometimes we fall short. Are you ready for some open heart surgery today? Then read more here:

Most of the time I am a happy person, but sometimes I inject my brain with negative thoughts. I'm on my knees daily praying to crucify my flesh, I get a spiritual refill, but before the week is over I find myself feeling empty.