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two tweets that are on the same page, one has an image of a man
Seems pretty reasonable - FunSubstance
Seems pretty reasonable
two texts that are in the same language
Was it when he used the mist?
an image of someone's tweeshing about being in the wrong place
Born to be ruled by, Loki
Yeah but everyone else could make up historical facts about the past 70 years or so and Cap and Bucky would probably believe it
Stay ahead of the curve with Feedly AI
Stay ahead of the curve with Feedly AI
two texts that are being used to describe what they're talking to each other
That's just mean Bats - FunSubstance
That's just mean Bats
the cover to she can do it
DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Art Print
She Can Do It! If anyone can get the job done, it's Wonder Woman! As this World War II bomber art-style print shows, Wonder Woman is up to any challenge. Dressed in a retro-style version of her famous uniform, this DC Bombshells Art Print depicts the Amazonian princess breaking the chains of tyranny without breaking a sweat. DC Comics Bombshells is DC Collectibles' new line of statues featuring the female superstars of the DC Universe in looks and poses inspired by classic pin-up art. The ...
The Average Blog of an Indian Teenager: Someone give her, her own show please!
Gamora, logicfun color on ArtStation at Character Art, Fantasy Art, Manga, Fantasy, Gamora, Otaku, Heroes, Color
Gamora, logicfun color
Gamora, logicfun color on ArtStation at
the text is written in black and white
Spider-Man's arachnobatics shall be referred to as Peter Parkour
an image of some type of text that is in the middle of two different words
an instagram page with the image of a man in a wheelchair
Ryan Reynolds posted this on Twitter (Deadpool 2) - Latest News
Ryan Reynolds posted this on Twitter (Deadpool 2)
the tweet is being used to describe what women are doing in their lives
the avengers and captain america characters are depicted in this cartoon
Choose Your Side - Awesome
Choose Your Side
the text reads, tonight i've determined that hawks finishing move against uttron is hitting him with the usb arrow and uploading windows 95
Hawkeye finishes Ultron by shooting him with a USB arrow and uploading Windos '95