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Kahlua Float (chocolate sprinkles, espresso ice cream, kahlua and champagne)

Kahlua Float If you really wanted to get craaaazy, I would throw in a splash of cream. Mmmm… Kahlua Float, serves 1 1 tsp corn syrup 1 Tbs chocolate jimmies 1 scoop espresso (or coffee) ice cream oz kahlua Champagne (about cup)

I want to make a few things for the house.  These types of re-purpose plans may be within my budget.

This is mine and my money's favorite look, vintage rustic (and Vikings) all day. :) a huge plus of this diy table; is it matches.our couches. :) DIY pallet coffe table with white wash paint instructions.

Cafe Candu

*My Favourite Coffee is an Espresso Macchiato" ~ The term “macchiato” means to “mark” or “stained” in Italian. An espresso shot is “marked” with a little steamed milk on top to cut the acidity of the espresso.