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an anime character with the caption saying, i saw them wedding bells start playing
All of the feminism leaves me body when I see him 💀
three anime characters are standing in front of a crosswalk and one is holding an umbrella
an anime character with long hair and brown eyes stares into the distance while wearing a tie
an image of evil sima be like i don't care about my casino
Evil babygirl sigma
#sigma #anime #bsd #bungoustraydogs #mood #whisper #season4 #memes
an anime character holding up a photo frame
two pictures of a woman in thigh high boots with the caption did it work?
three people sitting next to each other on a bench
crazy bitches gang
two girls are standing next to each other and one girl is holding something in her hand
two people standing next to each other with long white hair
Gay Outfit, Fotos, Cats
i feel like sigma would say this though
a black and white drawing of two people with one holding the other's head
an anime character with long white hair and red eyes, holding a flower in her hand
two anime characters are standing next to each other, one is holding his arm around the other
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