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“ positive lady characters meme: magnificent century + mothers and daughters (requested by @borgiapope) ”

the-womanking: “ requested by anon: ↳ favorite nurbanu sultan costume ” Nurbanu Sultan, Arabian Princess, Asian Babies, Medieval Dress, Ottoman Empire, Shows, Beautiful One, Powerful Women, Kaftan

oh, she's the queen

requested by anon: ↳ favorite nurbanu sultan costume

Nurbanu Sultan - Magnificent Century - "An Accident in Manisa" Season Episode 11 Turkish Fashion, Turkish Beauty, Nurbanu Sultan, Elizabeth Woodville, Snapchat Girls, Ottoman Empire, Queen, Medieval Fantasy, Costume Design


Andrea. 24. I lead an Elizabeth Woodville appreciation life. I live for morally ambiguous historical figures. A Plantagenet girl in a York and Lancaster world. Machiavellian scheming women are my life blood.

Nurbanu Sultan - Magnificent Century - “The Illness of the Sultan” Season Episode 19 Nurbanu Sultan, Old Computers, Choose Me, Season 4, Healer, Queens, Empire, Crown, Times

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bethwoodvilles: “ “make me choose: @sansaregina​ asked - Nurbanu Sultan or Huricihan Sultan ” ”

“Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic-Don’t you dare say that!” Demetria said stubbornly Queen Aesthetic, Aesthetic Gif, Jim Moriarty, John Watson, Story Inspiration, Character Inspiration, Nurbanu Sultan, Adelaine Kane, Lord King

Magnificent Century Zodiacs - 21.

Zodiaki związane z popularnym tureckim serialem "Wspaniałe Stulecie" 08.08.2018 - 1# pod tagiem "stulecie" i "losowanie" 09.08.2018 - 183# pod tagiem "zodiaki" 10.08.2018 - 82# pod tagiem "zodiaki" 14.08.2018 - 70# pod tagiem "zodiaki" 16.08.2018 - 46# pod tagiem "zodiaki" 18.08.2018 - 34# pod tagiem "zodiaki" 20.08.2018 - 14# pod tagiem "zodiaki" Start: 09.2017

kosem sultan sends her regards Nurbanu Sultan, Snapchat Girls, Crown, Actors, Celebrities, Sexy, Collection, Oc, Fashion

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Costumes “From: Magnificent Century, ep. 130 & 132 Character: Nurbanu Sultan Actor: Merve Boluğur Costume By: Serdar Başbuğ ” (requested by anonymous)

Nurbanu Sultan - "Silk cord for Brother" Season Episode 35 Nurbanu Sultan, Royal Crown Jewels, Ottoman Empire, Korean Fashion, Celebs, Costumes, Season 4, Delaware, Queens

kosem sultan sends her regards

Nurbanu Sultan + costumes - requested by anon