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Top 100 Items to Disappear First During a National Emergency | Survival Spot

Find out which 100 items disappear first during any emergency.

Lesson 1: How we got the Book of Mormon

Lesson 1: How we got the Book of Mormon

We just moved to Pennsylvania and most of our stuff is in storage while our home is being built for the next 3 months. So my copy of Book of Mormon stories is in a box somewhere. I just went to and found the digital copy HERE. I printed it off and now I can keep all of our pictures and drawings with this lesson. I'm going to make a scripture study binder and keep it all in there. I think it will be so funny for the kids to see as they get older. We can laugh about all their pictures…

A printable game to help everyone listen to General Conference.  Just what I need for next weekend!  I think I might put it in an Easter basket this week. I bet it would work great for Stake Conference too.

Help them Listen to General Conference

The next two weekends are so important and amazing to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This weekend is Easter and we celebrate with all Christendom. The first weekend in April is when all members of the LDS Church, come together for a General Conference. There are 8 hours of uplifting and inspirational speakers from our Church leadership, including remarks from Apostles and Prophets today. Everyone, member and those of other faiths, are invited to tune in to all or…

Come Follow Me for Families March 2019. Free printables. Latter Day Parables for Young Children and Toddlers. -thelovedwelling

Come Follow Me for Families March 2019. Free printables. Latter Day Parables for Young Children and Toddlers. -thelovedwelling

Seminary blog

(no title)

This website discusses ways that the Standard Works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are relevant in the lives of young people. I hope that this can be a resource for students and parents as they study the scriptures and use them to solve the problems which we all face every day. This site is…

Prophets in Person -- Mormon blog exploring the lives of Mormon LDS prophets

Prophets in Person

I love the prophets, and the fact that they were real people like you and me. I like to know that they struggled and overcame. They are wonderful guides for me in my life.

Faith's tipping point -- great article reflecting on the brother of Jared's experience

Faith’s Tipping Point

I had an epiphany while soaking in the bath tonight, after I laid my book on how to overhaul health care down on the stone tile. I know. I don’t know what it is with me and water. I think God…

Mormon mom blog - a MW favorite. This woman understands the power of motherhood. She loves a good party, loves photography, and loves writing. But mostly, she loves God and her family.

Scenes from the Wild

The Life of a Mormon Teen LDS blogger

The Life of a Mormon Teen

To let Mormon Teens know that they're not alone. And to show other teens that Mormons are the same as them.

Sistas in Zion Mormon blog -- black Mormon women share about Mormon faith, with a (usually) humorous twist

What A-Bott Black Mormons

Imagine that a loved one comes to you and tells you that they have been deeply hurt by words uttered

Mormon women bloggers share about Mormon beliefs and LDS life at Particles of Faith blog


Photo Credit: Del Parson Recently a few friends and family members have been very worried about their children. As I watch their concern over choices children might make or beliefs that aren't burning as brightly I see their pure love and worry about these precious souls to which they have been given stewardship. My children are getting a little older and I am quickly seeing how I cannot make many decisions for them. They are having to learn…

Scriptorium Blogorium -- Mormon blog exploring scriptures

Scriptorium Blogorium

Sharing scripture insights, discussion, expansion, and so on.

Strong LDS -- a Mormon blog that features various Mormon blogs! -- LDS Missionaries, LDS Teen Testimonies, Mormon Women, and more....

Mormon mommy blogger "LoLo Life" -- "middle-aged, bi-lingual, suburban housewife"

LoLo Life

How to live life the LoLo way...