Just another sad and broken girl in this world full of sad and broken people.
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This stage 3 recipe is a great alternative to a meat based protein option, and is packed with flavor! Enjoy this recipe alone, or on a whole grain slice of bread or wrap!

Egg salad is such an easy recipe to make, and a great one to have in your emergency arsenal. This one includes dill pickles and smoked paprika for a change of pace from the standard egg salad.

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If you already hate your body, or wish you were thinner, starving yourself. or trying to get an eating disorder is one of the dumbest things you can do-An eating disorder does not gaurantee weight loss-Some people get very thin and sick-but why do people think that looks good? Attempteing to starve yourself is going to make you sick and depressed first, and you may not lose any weight at all, but you will cause irreversible damage to your body and all your internal organs and bones by…

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Self harm-any form of harming oneself, you don't have to cut. It can be starving,cutting,scratching,bruising anything.  The best song to listen to when you are feeling down is Worn by Tenth avenue north. It is amazing.

i thought i could just "flip the switch" when i was finished being sick. but its more difficult than people realize to let go of something like an ed, even if its hurting you-the longer you have the disorder, the more difficult it is to get over