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an art project made out of cardboard and painted with watercolors on the outside
Domčeky tretiaci
three mason jars with christmas decorations on them
Svietnik tretiaci
cross stitch hearts are arranged on the table
many different colored buttons on a white surface
a heart made out of buttons on a white surface
a heart shape made out of rolled up paper on a green surface with yellow background
an owl made out of toilet paper with yellow eyes
Sova druháci
the sun is made out of colored pencils and paper plates with faces on them
an abstract painting with flowers and birds painted on it
two paper bags with faces on them sitting next to each other
a roll of toilet paper with a cartoon character on it sitting on a green towel
a bird made out of hay and paper
several plastic cups with fake birds in them and grass growing out of the top, sitting on a table