Puzzle template to create your own puzzles (more sizes on site).

Free Scroll Saw Patterns by Arpop: Jigsaw Puzzle Templates - would be fun to do to kids' artwork or family pictures

Blank face template

Blank face template for Art: during the first week of school I had the kids "draw" their own faces on these templates. would be fun to do again at the end of the year to see how their skills have improved.

make your own puzzle

Create Your Own Puzzle: 9 Piece Puzzle. Before you cut out this puzzle, color a picture on it. Then cut out the pieces and put it back together again! Hint: For best result use thick card stock paper. Information: Puzzle, Puzzle Craft, Puzzle Activity

Great for fine motor cutting skills... and counting practice! Color and black and white included. Also includes puzzles for #11-20 and counting by 10's.

Party Like a Pilgrim - Thanksgiving Activities and Centers for Kindergarten

Free Puzzle Card Templates

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