Adela Lujza Lučenič

Adela Lujza Lučenič

Adela Lujza Lučenič
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Now that is a jungalow!

[What a great little nook! You could sit in that chair and read, or just relax and breathe in the oxygen the plants have breathed out, so to speak. I like the damp scent of the soil and the growing plants.] Now that is a jungalow!

Instagram is a wonderful thing. It joins us all together and introduces us to things/people/places that we might not have seen otherwise. This place is somewhere that we found this way and we're so glad that we did. Conservatory Archives is a plant shop. It's a rough-and-ready space on Hac

Plants Everywhere! Conservatory Archives : London — Haarkon - Our home for houseplants, greenhouses, travel, photography and lifestyle.

maggieontherocks: Shot by Ian Lanterman and styled by Patricia Lagmay

Get ready to transport yourself to a happier sunnier place where you can express yourself freely with the incredible Coral color!