Natalie Youdontcare

Natalie Youdontcare

I always write oh my stepmother. Yeah. Deal with it
Natalie Youdontcare
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And I want some dam french fries! <--I want a dam t-shirt! Only the dam percy jackson fans would get this! <<<< do you get it and are still sane or are you an insane pjo fan

It's Sherlock, right?

The face of the man we've chosen to love. I will marry the man who can make a face like this and still look ridiculously attractive (Benedict Cumberbatch, ahem).

Percy Jackson :( Crying now << this just ruined me. BOB!!!!<<<oh my gods... *hides under bed crying with all of the books in hand* T^T

Percy Jackson :( Crying now << this just ruined me.<<<oh my gods. *hides under bed crying with all of the books in hand* T^T // im done bobs granddaughter

Lol yes

"Do you ever stop and realize that the average person doesn't know what a ship is or what canon means?" "We probably just all sound like pirates.

Like the rest of us are?

You know, someday I am going to be living in an apartment with my best friend and stumble upon a can of yellow spray paint. She's going to wake up the next morning and there will be a yellow smiley face on the wall.

Tumblr and Fandoms, us supernatural fans are cray...... <<<IDK AbOut YOu But THe ShERloCK FanDoM IS FalLING TO PIeCES. 3 SEASONS? We ARE HigH fuNCTIonINg SOCioPaThS

I watched Thor yesterday and I literally cried when Odin told Loki <------ that's just how it works. I hate it when people say that Sherlock, supernatural, and doctor who are like the only fandom's.

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