Pokemon Fire Red

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Pokemon Lunar

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Name: Pokemon Lunar Remake From: Pokemon FireRed Remake by: Kostas Description: Mother and you, along with Professor Alan, were visiting archaic ruins in the Kantos region. Everything was as it always was on these archaeologist escapades. That is, until catastrophe occurred and Mother went missing. Professor Alan decided to take you to safety and you two ended up in the Tagral region. Under Professor Alan, it seemed hopeless that Mother would ever return. Even worse, since your arrival…

Pokemon Eterna Noche de Luna

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Name: Pokemon Eterna Noche de Luna Remake From: Pokemon FireRed Remake by: Cheve X Description: La luna, siempre me ah enamorado... Pero ¿Porque solo verla de noche, si quiero verla siempre brillar con todo su esplendor? Así fue como empecé mi aventura para averiguar como hacer que para verla siempre... Pero mi camino se vio desviado por el poder, y cuando perdí el control... Era tarde, pero tuve una segunda oportunidad gracias a un amiguito verde... Pero ¿Para que contarte mi historia? Si…

Pokemon Times

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Name: Pokemon Times Remake From: Pokemon FireRed Remake by: Kurama Description: Hace ya mucho tiempo que existía una pequeña región localizada en Sud América llamada "Anduria" una de las regiones más rica tanto en recursos naturales como en diversidad natural, comenzando desde el sur con zonas tropicales y selvas húmedas, extendiéndose hasta la Cordillera de los Andes al norte con montañas enormes y nevados imponentes a alturas impresionantes. Resulta que Anduria quedaba en el centro de Sud…

Pokemon Cloud White 2

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Name: Pokemon Cloud White 2 Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red Remake by: Shogun Description: The scenario starts after the last event of Pokémon Cloud White. Be prepare to discover 3 new regions : South Sinnoh, Sinnoh and Hoenn. FEATURES 3 Regions : Sinnoh, South Sinnoh and Sevii >35 h of Scenario All the Pokémons (gen 1 to 7 + some fakes mega evolutions) All the Primal reversion and Mega Evolutions Day & Night system BW Repel System 6th Gen exp.catch system New trainer sprites Dollsteak patch…

Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie & James Edition

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Name: Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie & James Edition Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red Remake by: Team_Rocket Description: You will be James, a member of Team Rocket. With Jessie & Meowth, you will travel from Kanto to Johto and Hoenn in order to do the bad things. You receive the missions from your Boss of Team Rocket Giovanni including stealing Pokemon from other Trainers, mugging Pokemon Mart and attacking GYM Leaders. The more, the better. Do you want to be a bad guy? Haha!!! FEATURES Kanto…

Pokemon Ultra Red

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Name: Pokemon Ultra Red Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red Remake by: DarkFex Description: -Pokemon of 1-7 Gen -Mega evolution -New Sprite's protagonist and rival -New graphics -Sprite of some modified coaches -ExpShare XY -Some mergers -Randomized Trainers and Pokémonetc. Screenshot: Gameplay: Download: Download Pokemon Ultra Red Infinity (Completed) Tweet

Pokemon Tioh - The mark of the sky

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Name: Pokemon Tioh - The mark of the sky Remake From: Pokemon Emerald Remake by: ??? Description: Feather is a test subject of Darklight Team, and his gene was mixed by human and pokemon. One day, because of an accident, he escaped from Darklight Centre, and then he was saved by an ‘old friend’—Ram. You lost memory, but you found everyone you don’t know calls you friend. What will you do? Who are your real friend? Who cheats you? And how can you survive? Inscriptions of the heaven is the…

Pokemon The Lethal Secret

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Name: Pokemon The Lethal Secret Remake From: Pokemon FireRed Remake by: Alen Description: Eines Tages wirst du von deiner Mutter aus deinen Träumen gerissen: Ein Familienausflug steht an, du sollst deiner Mutter sagen, welche Region du bevorzugst. Kaum bist du aufgestanden begibst du dich die Treppe hinab zu deiner Familie, welche dich herzlichst empfängt. Von deinem Vater erfährst du, dass dein Bruder eine kleine Überraschung für dich vorbereitet hat. Voller Vorfreude begibst du dich zu…

Pokemon Shuckle

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Name: Pokemon Shuckle Remake From: Pokemon FireRed Remake by: mariomaniac432 Description: Shuckle Version takes place on Shuckle Island. Shuckle Island is located far from the rest of the Pokemon World, and the only species of Pokemon to ever have inhabited this region is Shuckle. These Shuckle have changed over time, and adapted to the various climates on Shuckle Island. Normal Shuckle no longer exist, having all become the many species that exist today. Humans came back to Shuckle Island…

Pokemon Sunset Orange

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Name: Pokemon Sunset Orange Remake From: Pokemon FireRed Remake by: Daman Description: You play as Ash Ketchum, a young boy from Pallet Town in the Kanto Region. After returning home from the Indigo League, you find out that the Region's Pokémon Professor, Professor Oak, wants your assistance to get a mysterious Poké Ball from the tropical Orange Archipelago Region. You embark on a journey to the Orange Islands with your friends, Misty and Brock, to help the Professor. Ironically, you win a…

Pokemon Emerald Advanced

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Name: Pokemon Emerald Advanced Remake From: Pokemon Emerald Remake by: Z-nogyroP Description: This hack is somewhat similar to FireRed Advanced in that it's a dex-replacement hack, with a brand new Hoenn Pokédex of 250 Pokémon from generations 1-7. Some favourites from FireRed Advanced make their return, like Fur Coat Furret, Fairy-type Pixilate Delcatty, and Grass/Fire Drought Sunflora, while others are new to the scene, like Strong Jaw Mightyena, Corrosion/Regenerator Garbodor, and…

Pokemon Rijon Adventures X

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Name: Pokemon Rijon Adventures X Remake From: Pokemon FireRed Remake by: Koolboyman Description: Today is the day you go to Rijon region. You are so happy and waiting for it. It was tweenty years since your Father had the battle with Rijon’s champion. Now both of them are best friends together. Today you go to this region to have a wonderful journey like your Father’s and also want to become Pokemon League Champion. So here’s to an interesting adventure! Features Beautiful Graphics Good Plot…

Pokemon Blue Legend

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Name: Pokemon Blue Legend Remake From: Pokemon FireRed Remake by: ~Criisss Description: Pokemon Blue Legend is a hack of Pokemon FireRed, but it takes the characters and plots of Pokemon Ruby. For a very long time, Team Aqua and Team Magma are two evil organizations which rule all over the Hoenn Region. This led to an imbalance which shaked the whole region heavily. From the moments you get your very first Pokemon from Professor Birch, you know that you have to become the Hoenn Champion and…

Pokemon Dimension Legends

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Name: Pokemon Dimension Legends Remake From: Pokemon FireRed Remake by: Crimson Stardust Description: In the later part of the Hack, you will get to know that your grandmother was a member of a group named "Stardust" who were known in history that is trying to stop a group of evil Pokemon trainers called "Black Rose" from conquering the world with the help of an evil Pokemon also known as the "God of Chaos" named "Giratina" In the hope to banish "Giratina" to the other dimension, some…

Digimon Virus

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Name: Digimon Virus Remake From: Pokemon FireRed Remake by: KlausThorne Description: Premise:After the end of Digimon Adventure 2 the Digital world began to open itself to more and more humans. In the early days before it was overly populated with new digidestined, another cataclysm hit the Digital World. The organization Hypnos, newly reformed after the events in Digimon Tamers utilized the Yugoth Program and their data from the D-Reaper disaster to punch through the barrier between the…

Pokemon Johto League

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Name: Pokemon Johto League Remake From: Pokemon FireRed Remake by: Astraea Description: Most of you must have watched the Anime and Ash Going to Johto after Returning from Orange Islands with Prof Oak's GS Ball. So, The Story is clear, You are Ash Ketchum and are going for a Journey To the Far Region of Johto. Get the chance to catch all the Pokemon that Ash Caught and and all the excitement That Ash had. Get set ready to becoming and feeling the Happiness passion, the hard work and all the…