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BIS Bratislava Make It Right Project for Kramare Children's Hospital

Our fundraising to build a therapeutic play room at Kramare Children's Hosptial
33 Piny3 Fanúšikovia

What is the UNCRC? Here's a quick video from secondary students explaining some of its main points.


Meeting the Director of the University Children's Hospital Bratislava and the head of the Orthopedic Ward and head of Media to get the go-ahead for our project

We will provide modern, appropriate furniture for a child to use!

We will replace these metal window frames. They make the room cold and cost the hospital money in heat loss

We will create an attractive education area for children to keep up with their school work

We will replace this furniture so parents have somewhere relaxing to sit whilst children play outside

We will provide new furniture for the outside balcony which will become an eco-friendly play area

We will refurbish, decorate, refloor and refurnish the patients kitchen area

We will replace windows in the physio room!

We will renovate, refurbish and refurnish!