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Tea Traditions Around the World

Time For Tea - From the Occident to the Orient

From Afternoon Tea to Japanese Chanoyu, discover some of the world's different tea traditions with this handy infographic.

How to Make Tea Bag Favors | eHow.com

Tea bag party favors are a popular way to send your bridal or baby shower guests home with a little something. Although you can buy tea bag favors from different places, they are easy to make.

Teabag & Cookie Favor for Tea Party Guests

Teabag & Cookies Pouch

I figured I'd better get this posted before the kitty completely wrecked it by knocking it repeatedly off my display table, batting it around the floor, and chewing it to death! {New Social Media Definition: proCATStination...waiting to take pictures and post them to your blog, until AFTER you've rescued your subject matter from imminent destruction at the paws and/or jaws of feline(s).} Anyway, I learned about this adorable pouch thru a fellow demonstrator, who was demoing it at Stampin'…