Daniel Jurko

Daniel Jurko

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Daniel Jurko
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Cubic Houses / ADEPT

Completed in 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Images by Rasmus Hjortshøj. ADEPTs recently completed Cubic Houses in Copenhagen, DK shows a playful residential complex that breaks down the scale of a large building volume.

Z Gallery / O-OFFICE Architects

o-office turns an abandoned factory into iD town: the creative art district an abandoned long concrete factory is slowly renovated into a thriving art district complete with studios, restaurants, and hotels.

Quinta Monroy / ELEMENTAL

Incremental housing in Quinta Monroy, Chile, by 2016 Pritzker Award-winning Alejandro Aravena of the firm ELEMENTAL.

Chapel of Silence / STUDIO associates

Chapel of Silence / STUDIO associates

Stone Art Gallery / O- Office Architects

Architects: O- Office architects Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Area: sqm Year: 2013 Photographs: LIKYFOTO , Courtesy of O- Office

Slow Horse /  ELASTICOSPA+3

Built by in Piancavallo, Italy with date Images by Jacopo Riccesi. The all project tries to bring in a new aura, in a town developed in the seventies for mere lucrative purposes. A pla.

Siu Siu – Lab of Primitive Senses / DIVOOE ZEIN Architects

Built by DIVOOE ZEIN Architects in Taipei, Taiwan As human beings (ourselves) are detached from civilization to access a lifestyle of scanty materials, our inner anima.