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Image result for why the Percy Jackson movies suck <This is what the automatic pin caption gave me.

BOI the PJO movies make me so angry but at least they're making a Broadway musical about it (idk if it'll be much better though)

percyjackson, magnuschase

Yes, Magnus' sword can talk. That is so not fair! Percy's sword is just a pen, that can turn into a sword. Not awesome at all.<<<< Yeah, but Percy's sword can glow too seeing as it's made of celestial bronze >>>>

Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase

Tbh I'd try and kill someone for stealing my dinner if I happened to have a sword in my hand

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And I love how Mango Cheese wasn't even something from a book, its from a head cannon XD

So true.

I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt until the rest of the trilogy is out but he pretty much can't top Annabeth (or Percy for that matter)<<< nothing tops Tartarus. She will always win no matter what

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Even i Still Dont read Magnus Chase(i am waiting for Czech translantion) this is pretty good. I am looking forward for it


I love how in the book Magnus is basically like "My life is ridiculous and dangerous, it's not safe for you to know about it" And Annabeth is just like "Dude do u really want to play this game"