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Image result for why the Percy Jackson movies suck <This is what the automatic pin caption gave me.

BOI the PJO movies make me so angry but at least they're making a Broadway musical about it (idk if it'll be much better though)

percyjackson, magnuschase

percyjackson, magnuschase<<< that one reference in sword of summer when Magnus talks about how Jack turning into a pen would be ridiculous

So true.

I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt until the rest of the trilogy is out but he pretty much can't top Annabeth (or Percy for that matter) He so bought lunch

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I wasn't like that I was like no more Percy no more PERCABETH what am I gonna do there's need to be more.


I love how in the book Magnus is basically like "My life is ridiculous and dangerous, it's not safe for you to know about it" And Annabeth is just like "Dude" and what's with the "bisexual leo" tag? He's will calypso for crying out loud!

PercyJackson, HoO, MagnusChase, PJO, MCGA

PercyJackson, HoO, MagnusChase, PJO, MCGA<<<<< congrats Magnes you just won the weirdest sword award!