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Hotel for human is pretty normal for a business runner. What about pet hotel? Pet hotel is where pet owners will go to when they plan to go out of town while there is no reliable relative or neighbor to take care of the pet. People who have dogs or …

12 Pet-Pampering Procedures

Check out some five-star treatments for animals

Swoon Worthy Pet Spaces & Meet “The Beast” – Postbox Designs Swoon Worthy Pet Decor…multiple pet beds with pet supply organization. It’s little pet lockers for your dog! Swoon Worthy Pet Decor Round-Up by Postbox Designs E-Design

Keep Your Pet Supplies Organized with these Smart Ideas

Don't let Fido—and all of his stuff—take over your home.

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Cute Dog Sketches

The is a collection of sketches of cute pog dogs that are inspired by my two dogs Sam and Leela. Its a daily ritual I do in the time outside work where I'll find myself sitting down watching tv or something of the sort, with a ballpoint pen and sketchpad …

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Luxury Pet Boarding - Luxury Pet Hotel - Pet Friendly Hotel

Our pets are like our family babies. We pamper them, take care of them and feed them. Our pets deserve the best. So what can you do to show your pet you love them? Take them to the ultimate pet destination, a luxury pet hotel.

Dog Pond - Place a plastic kiddie pool in the ground. It'd be easy to clean and looks nicer than having it above ground. Big dogs can't chew it up or drag it around. Not into it being a dog pond but would be cute for a kiddie pool or pond :)

We thought this was a really neat idea! This is a small kiddie pool with water placed in the shade for dogs to play in. When it gets cold outside, the pool can be removed and the area becomes a fire pit! Just may want to move it away from the house a bit if using as a fire pit as well.

Can't believe I've never heard of Self Serve Dog Wash Facilities until today. Dog Grooming At Home Service


My pet grooming Salon in LA

-Repinned-Self Service Dog Wash tub stalls at The Dashing Pooch.