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I like these edgier, more Gothic looks. Of course my favorite Gothic inspiration is by Mr Nick Rhodes, in the Arcadia period

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Planning on doing more of these eye shots in the future What do you guys want to see next? Do you prefer eye shots, selfies or videos?

5 Reasons Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Is Important - eye makeup ideas:

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Cut Crease

Our fan favorite Warm Neutrals Palette was used by for this cut-crease! ✨ Get the look: Cozy to define cut-crease Cinnamon for transition color Russet to smoke out crease Sugar Milk for lid(BTW eyebrows on fleek😂🙈)

Des yeux comme tableaux d'art : les créations de Tal Peleg

Des yeux comme tableaux d'art : les créations de Tal Peleg

If you're looking to be inspired by makeup artistry, look no further than the work of Tal Peleg. A visual and makeup artist from Israel, Peleg specializes in the dramatic - her work showcases intricate and ornate scenes and stories on a miniature scale.