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Aykhan Shinzhin by Serge Lee

Presuming his work on the portrait of the male body. We are honored to present the most recent work by Serge Lee ‘Aykhan: Dancing & Naked’ featuring dancer Aykhan Shinzhin.

GM Comics: August 2011

gay-art-and-more: “men-in-art: “ Ace Michael Breyette 2006 ” Labor Day is upon us and it’s time to say goodbye to the Beach. This rather large series will be devoted to fun at the beach: photographs, paintings, drawings - g, r and even XXX.

Marlon Teixeira (born September 16, 1991)

Marlon Teixeira, (born September is an absurdly good-looking Brazilian model of Portuguese, Japanese and Amerindian descent from Santa Catarina.


Logan McCree: Berlin Actor Porn, Dj, Gay He is widely-known for his unique and distinctive tattoos over most of his body, including his penis, buttocks and scalp. McCree came to prominence in 2004 as Germany's Mr.