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Read Chapter Team Flash/Arrow Meet Superman from the story Super Surprise by catmikaelson (cat) with 652 reads.

"Shall we begin?" by *Andry-Shango on deviantART #startrek #startrekintodarkness #khan

Final Frontier, Art Show Tribute to ‘Star Trek’ at the Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde Gallery in Paris

The phonetic alphabet. Use it! Don't make up your own.

NATO Standard Phonetic Alphabet, The phonetic alphabet was developed as a way to spell things out over radio communications that may be less then ideal, I. a lot of static or weak signal.

Black Paladin Knight Shiro from Voltron Legendary Defender

Some sloppy Voltron sketches. I don’t know who to ship - they are all so awesome together. Guess Shiro/Keith/Lance will just become my first xD

Seven Classic Star Trek Quotes | 8-Bit Nerds

Star Trek quotes… visualizing when they said these quotes in the movie. The fact that I know and can hear their voices means I'm the biggest nerd. <-- welcome to the fandom!

Star Trek TOS Fanart

Star Trek TOS Fan art: I'm laughing way too much>>the Spock thing, that's it, the Spock thing is my life now!