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Eric & Markson ... Mark is like me I think that's why he's my bias (at the moment ;) in GOT7

Eric & Markson, but jackson is actually going, "I HATE YOU ERIC" I love their friendship.

Evil maknae is a sassy af! | allkpop Meme Center

Evil maknae is a sassy af! Watch out Kyuhyun, there's a new evil maknae on the block! All the maknaes in each group are so sassy tho.

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Something I've observed is that Jackson will be like totally srs about stuff like this and be like "why are u laughing?" and since I've concluded that his neutral face is angry/annoyed it looks like he's offended but rly he's just confuzzled

It's funny but not funny

Lol Bambam I feel like this shouldn't be funny but Jacksons face. lol Bambam your mom is savage lol but he knows he isgood looking:P

Siri savage af

Lmao still not over how JB got rejected by Siri and Jackson getting mad at her