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An Illustrated Guide to All the Blush-Worthy Shots You've Been Afraid to Order

A guide to all the blush-worthy shots you've been afraid to order — Foodbeast Domino's newest novelty pizza is a real head-scratcher

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Impress your friends by pouring a badass layered shot like a boss

How to pour layered cocktails -- plus 11 recipes

Any drink that looks like an intense storm cloud forming is gooood. Apparently, this is called a Brain Hemorrhage? Tastes really good when the Peach Schnapps and Bailey's Cream are mixed together. Strong, but not Vodka/Jack Daniels strong. Party Drinks, Cocktail Drinks, Fun Drinks, Yummy Drinks, Beverages, Easter Cocktails, Holiday Drinks, Cocktail Recipes, Brain Hemorrhage

Brain Hemorrhage

Here's a fun shot to make for your guests. It is called a Brain Hemorrhage, but I think this one looks more like a tornado so I shall call this one Stormy Weather. WW points who knows, sometimes you just have to not care and enjoy the simple pleasures in life (just not…

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Bomb Pop Shots

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Once one contemplates a whisky cocktail, odds may be thinks of a beverage made out of rye or bourbon. Scotch Whisky, Whisky Bar, Whisky Tasting, Cigars And Whiskey, Bourbon Whiskey, Malt Whisky, Whiskey Cocktails, Cocktail Drinks, Fun Drinks

Tipos de whisky - Gastronoming

Dentro de la gran familia de destilados tenemos al whisky, uno de los más reconocidos a nivel mundial, esta bebida que se produce por todo el globo y como otros destilados también tiene diversas clases. Estos tipos de whisky o whiskey tiene 6 tipos que son los más reconocidos y que analizaremos más adelante. El nombre de whisky proviene de la lengua gaélica, precisamente de las palabras uisge-beatha que significan agua de vida, al igual que aqva vitæ (latín) o aquavit (escandinavo) son…