Katarína Butašová

Katarína Butašová

Katarína Butašová
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Legend Elliott Erwitt's Leica M4 with Leicavit winder. Beautiful brassing from years of love and work.

jhnmyr: “ Jim Marshall’s Leica Do things this way. ” Beautifully worn out camera, it's certainly seen a lot of rock legends.

William Eggleston’s Cameras Eggleston shot this portrait of one of his three camera-filled cases using a digital camera. ‘I don’t particularly like using it,’ Eggleston says. 'Technology and I don’t.


Appreciators of form and function will love the newly announced Hermès Leica Edition, a stylish photographer's dream gadget. Two limited edition versions will be offered: the Edition Hermès and the Edition Hermès – Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas.

Arriflex Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm/1.7 on Leica M... Classic camera with incredible lens. http://www.missoulaphotoschool.com/

Massive features jutting out of the cameras form factor which could be made completely redundant by microchips today Arriflex Cooke Speed Panchro on Leica M