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Kristýna Horňáková

Kristýna Horňáková
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The Snowy Owl is like most owls associated with wisdom and omens. It is said that owls help souls find their way from the physical to spiritual realms. Snowy Owls help clarify dreams and remind us to save our strength so we can have it when needed.

*Burrowing Owl*  | Burrowing owl.This photo depicts a tiny owl looking curiously at the camera. This image was taken by the light of a bright diffused sky. The bird in this photo has its head turned almost upside down. |  |Photographer ~Linda Wright~ Date Taken: November 13 2010|

Burrowing owl, photograph by Linda Wright! I love the simplicity that allows the owl's pose and startling blue eyes be the focal point! Beautiful and not fussy!

Quebec Stamp - Owl

Crafty Individuals Unmounted Rubber Stamp Airmail Owl - New Love these new Stamp, they are extremely well made and a great price.

Barn owl in Flight

Owl in flight. So much detail, this is beautiful to me. Did you know that owls have specially grooved wings enabling them to fly silently