Loreen Roxanne Evans
Loreen Roxanne Evans
Loreen Roxanne Evans

Loreen Roxanne Evans

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Thomas Brodie-Sangster's name will be my last name in 5 years!!

Can you imagine home ec with Minho. "NO WOMAN, YOUR DOING IT WRONG!" XD - Life throws you curves. Being prepared is everything.

papa min min and mamam newt - Google Search

The New King Art Print

I'd totally get something like this as a tattoo

Can someone explain this part to me? cause I don't seem to remember any part if any book about the gladers hung upside down....... AND I certainly don't remember Teresa being there!!!

And THIS is one of the many reasons I love them one of the very, very many

In response to the fact that 90% of the fandom (including me) spent all of the Scorch Trials under the impression that Jorge was a teenager<<<<<YES! And now he's an old dude in the movie AND Brenda is suppose to have long hair!

Every time I close my eyes, it’s like a dark paradise - Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf - All of us can't be true alphas...