Luna Reen

Luna Reen

Stressed depressed shoujo obsessed
Luna Reen
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Bakugou Katsuki♡

Bakugou Katsuki♡

Uraraka Ochako [Boku No Hero Academia] | VK

Uraraka Ochako [Boku No Hero Academia]

Pinterest and Insta | @rissaderob

Pinterest and Insta | @rissaderob

Said all the agencies that didn't scout Bangtan before BigHit

PRE-ORDER Slightly Bitter enamel pin by samweirforever on Etsy (aesthetics, yellow, fruit, lemon)

Sarcastic Always Tired Black and White Enamel Pin with twinkles

Immunity - Always Tired Enamel Pin

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save yourself, i'll hold them back

save yourself, i'll hold them back<<<is that a mcr reference?

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There's this guy I like who asked me to dance today and I was like 'never let go'

Bruised and Bandaged Hand Guro - Maty Chan

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the little box drawings of a norwegian teenage boy in love