Matteo Sica

Matteo Sica

I am an artist in painting, drawing, and poetry
Matteo Sica
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A Message From Colour to Darkness: "I Paint my Colours on You.

"I Am Slumber-Catcher, the Hawk"

Saatchi Art: "I Am Slumber-Catcher, the Hawk" Painting by Matteo Sica

La Gallerina

Painting: acrylic markers and graphic markers on Canvas. My friend, one of my most fun housemates, is a professional and talented dancer.

today is rainy, so creativity rains on me : )

today is rainy, so creativity rains on me : )

The visions of the structure of stability

I like to create visual worlds which draw the viewers in and play with their perceptive certainties about reality. I see most of my art during my morning or evening meditation or in dream state rig.

The Shepherd of Waves

Visions erupting like splashes of color and light from dream states and projecting shamanic hints to the open minded observer.