The feels though!!!

This sounds weird but this is one of my favorite kisses from this show. His lean is just perfect.

"Omg Eli! Who did that to you?"Clara asks. "Listen it's not important it was a long time ago. Something that happened before all of this. Something I don't really want to talk about." Eli tells her.

My scars that I received when I was young will never heal since they always get reopened but I think that I will eventually get over that part of my life, truthfully I have no idea.

Isabell surrounded by dragon fire during the final battle. If she asks the flames nicely she won't get burned

Fire raged behind her as men and women all bowed down to her. She slowly turned…

"It's okay, Nathan," I reassure him and try to ignore how shaky his shoulders are as he holds back his sobs. "We're gonna get through this. We'll be okay." I don't know why I tell him this. After everything we've been through I highly doubt that things will get better. Maybe I'm just trying to reassure myself.

Best friends reuniting after a hard day.