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Patrik Schulcz

Patrik Schulcz
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designer unknown- I think this is a beautiful design. I love the variation in the light size, it creates a nice flow from the top the bottom of the piece. The biggest light is close to the middle, which draws the viewers attention to the center. The background is also a very dark navy, which complements the yellow.

Art Inspiration: Surreal Illustration by Tang Yau Hoo. This one really caught my eye. The use of negative space makes you think is this a city skyline.or just a bunch of hanging light bulbs?

troje i las

Troje i las Original Polish movie poster film, Poland director: Stanislaw Wohl actors: Anna Ciepielewska, Boguslaw Sochnacki designer: Witold Janowski year: 1962 size:

Islands by Erwin Kho, via Behance

Digital Art Illustrations from Erwin Kho is a Rotterdam-based illustrator and he uses the über sweetness of low-polygon aesthetics for both commissioned and personal works