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Viac nápadov od SIMONAW

Some anatomical studies - (Sport) by Laura Braga, via Behance

each other Drawing by LOUI JOVER

Saatchi Art Artist Loui Jover; Drawing, "each other" #art

Passionately Dancing the Tango Underwater

A passionate couple dances the Underwater Tango in this spectacular series by Russian artist Katerina Bodrunova. Without giving away much evidence of floating in the middle of deep blue water, the dancers elegantly move with each other into the variety of graceful poses. Bodrunova's bio explains that many of her photographs "defy conventional physics and show her subjects as weightless objects with an ability to transcend space and time." The dancers' passion and energy is translated…

From Buenos Aires with love. Chanel in Argentina by Karl Lagerfeld.

Rumba babinus: Moi je suis tango, tango J’ai cette musique dans la peau Moi je suis tango, tango Elle me glace jusqua’ux os Extrait de “Moi, je suis tango (Libertango)”-Guy Marchand, 1975

GR 122 - OL2: Typography 1: Hierarchy and Form

Learn To Tango!

Learn To Tango! - studio t blog

Cropped Tulip Trousers....... estos estarían perfectos para bailar tango!

midnight tango....................SOLD Drawing by LOUI JOVER

Saatchi Art Artist Loui Jover; Drawing, "midnight tango" #art