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Cilka Absurdná
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matty heally is the only thing that is going on in my mind taking over my life for second time.....

matty heally wearing his own band shirt tucked into his dad jeans. Still hotter than yer boyfran

"So when you listen to a record like that and you get it and you know that not everybody gets it, it makes you feel part of something. And that’s the most important thing about this band, is that extended community that it provides. Because people have really bought into not only the music, but the story - people wanna know where I’ve got to, where I’m going, and I find that interesting to play with.

about Matty: "Healy is equal parts charismatic, benevolent, a spokesperson for the non-linear creation and consumption of music, a Beat Generation aficionado, and the world’s premier proponent of musical easter eggs.


Coup De Main Magazine Interview: THE 1975 - “It’s about being in the gang.