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Upper Body Exercises | Fitness Women

Upper body exercises for women. Exercises to develop your triceps, biceps, shoulders and back. We have another board for abdominal exerxices only.
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Upper Body Workout
Quick workout you can do at home.
Deadly Full Body Workout
DEADLIFT; Best Lower Back Exercise
Did you know that the deadlift -> a strong lower back, is essential for strong abs? Lower back pain is often caused by unbalanced lower back & abs strength. In other words: if you're starting to perform ab exercises, you should perform deadlifts as well to prevent lower back pain. #health #physicalhealth #fitness
Front Delts (Shoulder) Workout | Upper Body Fitness
I consider this exercise to be the best for your front delts. In your shoulder workout you should have an exercise for your front delts (this one) and one for your lateral delts (mid shoulder). The rear delts (back shoulders) can be trained on your back day with face pulls or laying on a 30° incline bench performing dumbbell rows with elbows pointed outwards. #shouderworkout #health #fitness
When in doubt…HIIT it out! 🔥 TOTAL body circuit that will burn FAT
Shoulder Workout
Cable Back Workout | Upper body Fitness
The cable back workout is a very activating exercise for your lats you can incorporate in your exercise regimen. #fitness #gym #workout #exercise #muscle #summerbody #upperbody #body #fitbody #health #physicalhealth #healthy #upperbody #healthylifestyle
This has been a highly requested video, so I wanted to show you some of my favorite workouts for chest 🤗 When it hurts to hug, you know you did well 👏🏼😂 . 1️⃣Lying Around the Worlds 3x10 2️⃣Shoulder Press/Elbow Squeeze 4x10 3️⃣Incline Push-ups 4x15 4️⃣Kettle Bell Chest Flys 3x15 5️⃣Fit Tip of the Day! .
Upper Back Workout💪🏻