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One Direction in love with this picture

I'm proud to say that I'm in love with these 5 idiots. Even though they give me heart attacks. Or took over 4 years of my life.


Aw my gosh Zayn quit. The boys are gonna continue with the four of them. Zayn I love you no matter what and you did the right thing but it still hurts, you know.

I love Nouis so much.

I love Nouis so much.<<< Louis is like. Niall seriously your so immature and I'm sure Niall is thinking of a twirling garden gnome singing the Macarena<<<< I love how Louis still played along though.

NIALL's is so true.hahah

Imagine if Louis and Harry get married and have too kids and they each wake one up! And the kids would secretly fight "NO! Dad woke you up yesterday!