UX / UI Design

UX / UI Design

UX / UI Design
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Document Management for Enterprise by Justin Kwak

Here is a prototype of the documents page for the enterprise collaboration tool. The idea was to simplify the document management page by hiding the advanced filter (which isn’t shown here) on def.

#5.2 Filters by Yaroslav Zubko

Hey folks, At my previous shot i tried to cover filtering, but there was too much extra stuff i wanted to show and so could not fit the gif length. So given numeric requests i decided to dedicate .

Marketplace Web Design [Filters] by Eleken.

Market Place Web Design [Filters] by Eleken

Filters by Nash[At]Work

Here's wishing you a super HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you inspire even more.

Search Results

Search Results & Filters by Avinash Tripathi - Dribbble

Ava - Find and Schedule Appointments with Doctors by Lucy Guo

Ava - Find and Schedule Appointments with Doctors by Lucy Guo

Chat UI by Jesse O'Chapo

Some of the UI designs from the refresh of the chat I& been working on. The right side shows how the chat will intelligently bring up things like your grocery list when the conversation i.

Payment exploration with Chatbot by Aswin

An exploration for payments with chat bot. There are a couple of reasons this can outperform a conventional verification page: - there is very little HTML involved in loading - issues can be antic.