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How come blue is the darkness which we feel on a Sunday evening. When it's the color of water and sky and eyes and all my denim and nothing which resemble a Sunday evening.

I am learning to step back and let people in my life experience their feelings and express their feelings. I am not in control and everything is not about me.

Let me feel angry for a bit, I will right myself eventually. But emotions are okay, so long as we don't unpack and live there.

I'm going to create this beautiful graffiti piece... Or I'm going to be a sarcastic punk... What's the difference really.

I'm going to create this beautiful graffiti piece. Or I'm going to be a sarcastic punk. What's the difference really.

or just learn to stay sober? Alcohol is overrated. I live my life alcohol free-it can do terrible things to your life and I won't let it ruin mine. Besides, pushing for more athlete sponsorships, hydration is key!

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World would've been a better place.

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Effy Stonem -- Skins

Effy Monster "The hardest thing is to kill the monster inside you without killing yourself in the process.