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Chinese Stealth Tech- many think China borrowed fighter technology. I also think it would be foolish not to use proven ideas. Plus if your designs can be taken the only main advantages are strategy and training. This where the majors have the edge.

Consolidated B-24 Liberator Aircraft, nose art:

Consolidated Liberator Aircraft Pinner wrote:My Uncle, a pilot in the Flying Tigers flew one called "Tough Titty" ~ my great uncle was a Flying Tiger too PRT

Bf109F Friedrich (184) Page 08-960

Bf109F Friedrich (184) Page 08-960

MiG-23UM low-poly

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Consolidated PBY-6A Catalina (28):  VH-PBZ / A24-362/OX-V (cn 2043) On display of Centenary of Military Aviation Air Show Pt Cook 2014.

Consolidated Catalina VH-PBZ / (cn On display of Centenary of Military Aviation Air Show Pt Cook

Cruising On Top Of The Clouds

Funny pictures about Cruising On Top Of The Clouds. Oh, and cool pics about Cruising On Top Of The Clouds. Also, Cruising On Top Of The Clouds photos.

B-17 Flying Fortress.

That’s a lot of heavy, shiny metal flying through the air in the form of “Sentimental Journey,” a beautifully restored Boeing Flying Fortress. Photo by Jason Mrachina.

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Martín Mars flying boat, seen at it's mooring on a lake on Vancouver Island. The red and white livery belongs to the air tanker/water bomber company that operates the Mars fighting forest fires each year. They are amazing aircraft to watch in action.

Grumman Seaplanes - Now there's a sea plane!

'Mighty Martin' WWII flying boats to fight fires (new life for old aircraft) …


Safstar QS8006-2 53 Inch Extra Large 3.5 Channel Remote Control Led Helicopter With Built-in Gyroscope (Blue)

North America's Helicopter Fleet

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desierto de Arabia Saudita;

Lugares abandonados en el mundo

It's a beautiful seaplane abandoned between the sea and the desert of Saudi Arabia and it's been left there for almost 50 years. The plane is a Catalina, a military American seaplane from the