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an aquarium with plants and rocks in it
#1 in Reptile Products Worldwide
One of our custom Zoo Med forest habitats we have at Zoo Med HQ. Great for a variety of forest #reptiles and #amphibians.
a green plant is growing out of the top of a rock with moss on it
Hygrolon stump
Hygrolon stump | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an aquarium filled with plants and rocks
I want my cage to look like this O.o
an aquarium filled with plants and bamboo sticks
My vivarium for Phelsuma mad. grandis :)
Gorgeous day gecko vivarium
a green gecko eating a piece of watermelon with another one in the background
Geico for your mon-nay [rap in Kanye West voice]
an air plant is growing out of the top of a tree branch in a tank
Vivarium designed for Day Geckos
a glass container filled with plants and dirt
The cracked cork mosaic/living drip wall/pond...
a black cup sitting on top of a white table next to a brown cloth wrapped around it
Hygrolon pipe
Hygrolon pipe By Mikaels orchids [The fabric folded inside may act as a wick to the outside material?]
moss growing on the side of a tree trunk in a garden area with other plants
Hygrolon - Moss and fern studie
Hygrolon - Moss and fern studie. Detail studie of a Hygrolon slab. The slab is 4 months from planting here. All moss and fern spores are spontaneous. There is actually a Orchid protocorm/plantlet that has been germinating spontaneously too (see note)
an aquarium filled with lots of green plants