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Frozen Lillet Wildberry | Sommergetränk | Slushi | Rezept | Anzeige
Hey Foodies, heute habe ich das perfekte Sommergetränk für dich. Einfach und schnell zubereitet im leistungsstarken CASO B 1800 PowerBlender. Den Mixer von @casodesign kann ich dir sehr empfehlen, da er ohne Probleme Eiswürfel und gefrorene Früchte zerkleinert.
the lemonade drink is being poured into a glass
Limoncello Spritz | The Bubbliest Lemon Cocktail!
This Limoncello Spritz is a light and refreshing, bubbly cocktail full of bright lemon flavor. With just three simple ingredients and a few minutes of time, it's easy to make a single drink for yourself or a pitcher to enjoy with friends!
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8 Limoncello Cocktails
Limoncello cocktails are a delightful way to add a burst of sunshine to any gathering. Made with the zesty and refreshing Italian lemon liqueur, these cocktails are perfect for anyone who loves a tangy, citrusy kick in their drinks. Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue, planning a cozy brunch, or just looking for a fun new cocktail to try, limoncello cocktails are sure to please. #LimoncelloCocktails #Limoncello
LaCroix LimonCello Bee’s Knees Mocktial
This mocktail is the Bee’s Knees!💛 #LiveLaCroix #LaCroixWater #Mocktail #SpringDrink #LimonCellodrink #LimonCelloMocktail #SpringRecipes
Honeydew Wine Spritzer🍈
A refreshing fusion of sweet honeydew and bubbly wine, perfect for those moments of relaxed indulgence. Let every sip transport you to a sun-kissed paradise. Created by @yellowbellykelly Recipe: -2 oz Chateau Ste Michelle Dry Riesling -1 1/2 oz vodka -3 oz honeydew purée* -1/2 oz elderflower liqueur -1/2 oz lemon juice -1/4 oz honey syrup -Mint -1 oz soda water
Sangría fatta in casa
20min · 20 servings Ingredienti: • Vino rosso, 1,5 L • Gassosa, 1-2 L • Brandy, 50ml • Arance, 1 • Limoni, 1-2 • Pesche, 2 • Mele, 1 • Zucchero 80g • Chiodi di garofano, 4 • Baccello di vaniglia, 1 • Cannella, qualche stecca
Strawberry + Limoncello Spritz🍋
Sip on this vibrant Strawberry Limoncello Spritz for a taste of sunshine ☀️🍓🍋 Created by @kentuckyginger
a jar filled with red berries sitting on top of a table
Jak se dělá třešňový likér: Recept na lahodný domácí alkohol – Abecedazahrady.cz
Easy Melon Ball Sangria
But with water and sprite