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20 Wild and Bizarre Ads That Need to Calm Down
27 WTF Ads That Need to Calm Down - Funny Gallery
a box filled with lots of white dices
an image of the back side of a car that has been painted with different colors
the back side of skis with different colors and shapes on them, all lined up in rows
two women talking to each other with a speech bubble above their heads that says, beta tumne abhi tak duniya nah deiya nah deki
35 Student Memes That Show What Life Is Like At A University
a hand holding four dices in front of a fish with the words blue on it
the comics are very funny with their captions
a person wearing a black mask and holding a wooden guitar in front of their face
some people are sitting at desks and writing in their notebooks with the words sun be tera question gya bhaad me pehle ye ya sign kar
the solar system guess what is in it's sun and how does it look like?