SK8 or DIE

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a man sitting on the ground holding a skateboard
a skateboard with stickers on it sitting against a wall
Dogtown | AK's Old School Skateboard Collection – Alva, Powell, SMA & more!
a skateboard with orange wheels is laying on the ground in front of a rug
Reissue Aaron "fingers" Murray 1987 Dogtown deck with Independent trucks, OJ wheels, and Bones bearings
a skateboard with some stickers on it and a toothbrush attached to the board
a white skateboard with an image of a cross and wings on the side of it
Dressen Dogtown
a skateboard with the words dog on it
Dogtown Skates
a red skateboard with yellow wheels and graffiti on it
SIMS Kevin Stabb
a skateboard is sitting on top of a cement block and it's attached to a concrete wall
a skateboard with four different colored stickers on it's bottom half and two black wheels
Skater, Die, Skate, Quick
a skateboard is hanging up on the wall