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an older man running down stairs with the words daily behavior changes that will improve your fitness business
Daily Behavior Changes That Will Improve Your Fitness Business
Here are six things health and exercise professionals can do to improve their daily habits to have a greater impact on their clients and improve their business.
an older man sitting in front of a laptop with the words future trends in health coaching on it
Future Trends in Health Coaching
The chaos and rapid change of the past six months have resulted in some interesting trends that are likely to affect the field of health coaching in the near future.
three people riding bikes with the text 5 fun outdoor physical activities for families on them
5 Fun Outdoor Physical Activities for Families
Despite the limitations caused by the current pandemic, families still have an opportunity to go outside and move together.
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table next to a person doing yoga
Coping With Change: Resources for Group Fitness Instructors
With the fitness world in a bit of limbo, we are all challenged to reimagine what group fitness looks like as we begin turning up the lights post-COVID-19. â
two people walking with skis and poles on their backs text reads 8 outdoor exercise ideas for active older adults
8 Outdoor Exercise Ideas for Active Older Adults
Tap the link in our bio to read! Your clients should never have to skip a workout if the gym is unavailable. Here are nine creative ideas to help them get outside and get moving. â
people doing yoga on the beach with text that reads how behavior science can help your client's stick to their goals
How Behavioral Science Can Help Your Clients and Participants Stick to Their Goals
Learn why information alone is not enough to change behavior and how asking the right questions is essential to overcoming the barriers that keep them from reaching their goals.
the 5 steps to build behavior change principals into your work ebook cover shows three people running
5 Steps to Build Behavior Change Principles Into Your Work
Here are five ways to help incorporate behavior-change principles into your daily client interactions.
a man sitting in front of a laptop computer with headphones on his ears and the caption reads, understandin your client's core motivation
Understanding Your Client’s Core Motivations
As a successful coach, it is critical that you understand the “why” behind your clients’ goals and coach accordingly.
a man in blue shirt and black shorts playing frisbee
Leading from the Front in the Eye of the Storm
As the COVID-19 crisis continues, being a strong leader in fitness becomes increasingly important.
a woman is sitting on the floor doing yoga
Stress Management for Health and Exercise Professionals During Difficult Times
Making anywhere from a few tweaks to major shifts in your approach can result in lifelong changes that will enhance both your personal and professional lives.
a woman is doing yoga in front of a laptop computer with the title taking your exercise leadership to the next level in a virtual environment
Taking Your Exercise Leadership to the Next Level in a Virtual Environment
Training, coaching and delivering exercise sessions are becoming more technical and virtual. Experimenting with virtual classes will make you more knowledgeable and flexible in this rapidly changing landscape.
a woman is doing yoga on her laptop
Managing the COVID-19 Crisis with Virtual Training
Virtual training is here for the long run. Start simply by introducing online services to a few clients to validate your approach.
an older man sitting in front of a laptop computer with the caption successful coaching during the new normal
Successful Coaching during the “New Normal”
This week, we are featuring a 6-part series titled “Successful Coaching During COVID-19” from the founder and CEO of V2 Performance Greg Florez. Part 1 explores how you can help your clients unburden themselves of some of the negative thoughts and emotions caused by the pandemic. v
a group of people holding hands with the text successful group fitness mentoring in 2020
Successful Group Fitness Mentoring in 2020
Here are several mentoring ideas and strategies you can use to provide guidance and support to your group fitness mentees.
a woman doing yoga poses in front of a couch with the words, the perfect hit workout for 2020
The Perfect HIIT Workout for 2020
Up the intensity with this 30-minute HIIT workout