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Infografías - Lápiz de ele

Inicial Intermedio AVANZADO o NATIVOS Francés o ELE para francófonos. Italiano o ELE para italoparlantes. Libritos de infografías específicas Manuales de gramática: packs de 14 infografías cada uno (individuales o en forma de minilibro) clasificados por niveles, desde lo más básico en A1 hasta B2. Compra los tres (42 infografías en total) o por separado. VER MÁS Diferencias difíciles del español: Pack de 14 infografías multinivel (sueltas en pdf o en forma de minilibro) para tratar aquellos…

Common and basic Spanish words for beginners

List of common and basic Spanish words for Spanish beginners and those are want to make a journey to Spain. Common spanish words with English translation

Greetings in Spanish: 11 Ways to Say “How’s it going?” in Spanish INFOGRAPHIC

Here is a collection of 11 phrases used by locals in Latin America and Spain to say “How’s it going?” or ¿Cómo te va? in Spanish. Free printable!

10 Colombian ‘Rolo’ Slang Expressions: An Infographic

Rolo is a term given to people who are born and raised in Bogota, and hence carry the ‘rolo’ speaking style and accent. I will shortly be adding a new post with vine videos demonstratin…

24 Signs You’re A Latin American Living In The US

What have you gotten yourself into, mi amigo???


The travel times by bus are very long, especially from Europe, but the prices as I said are super cheap!