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Snow in Minnesota Paisley Park

Snow in Minnesota Paisley Park.sometimes it snows in april.(and i wanna cry too) where are you Prince my bro!

Scan from the Lovesexy Tour Book which I think is Prince possibly previewing the Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic era look with what's known as a "3 o'clock shadow" and un-plucked/trimmed eyebrows(!). Incidently, this was the photo Steve Parke (a great portrait painter/illustrator, horrendous art director, photog and designer, typographer) used to create the Graffiti Bridge album cover which was sort of the "Rave Unto" album.

Prince Lovesexy Jeff Katz photo - I've always associated this look, straightened long hair with the o'clock shadow' as the next "Prince look" after Lovesexy for the planned but cancelled 1989 album 'Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic'.

Dorchester Hotel, London - 2007 - "21 Nights in London" Tour

Dorchester Hotel, London - 2007 - Nights in London" Tour - Prince and the Aussie Twinz (Maya and Nandy McClean)