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Replying to @samswope858 I put the file in my bio for everyone asking (free download), but this is a design I made from tracing existing designs so please only use this for personal projects! Full tutorials & info coming up!! #stainedglass #galleryglass #stainedglassdiy #diystainedglass #diy #howlsmovingcastle #calcifer #studioghibli #diywithme #artsandcrafts
a ceramic tile with a church painted on it
Textured Paint with Glass Church, Block Art, Glass Art, Crushed Glass, Church Painting, Christian, Religion, Religious, Gift
"These beautiful churches are painted on wood or canvas. The background is white and then I accented in gold leaf paint. I covered the painted window with glass to look like stained glass windows and cover the entire piece in resin for even more sparkle. I'm doing several different sizes on wood or canvas. The wood size is slightly smaller than the canvas size. The canvas is true to size. The back of the wood pieces is also painted white and has a hook on the back for hanging but, they can also
three wooden crosses with angel wings painted on them, next to a potted plant
Gift Trio Set, Cross, Wings and Church, Hand Painted Heavy Texture - Etsy
Gift Trio Set, Cross, Wings and Church, hand painted heavy texture