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Cool images of mushrooms.
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Painting of Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) mushrooms; acrylic on stretched 16x20" canvas. Sculpture details on caps, glows in the dark | Original art by Klimt Juulep / CRD Larson #painting #mushrooms #popart #psychedelic #glowinthedark
Pluteus Salicinus mushrooms painting with psychedelic nebula cloud background. Acrylic, dye ink, spray paint, spray glitter, fluid media on canvas #mushroomart #shrooms #psychedelicart #popart
8x10" print of original painting; cosmic shrooms melt, dissolve, mutate, and form in a swirling soup of splatters, color, holes, and clouds #psychedelicart #mushroomart #shrooms #modernart

Art and Design

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Psychedelic mushroom trio painting with dynamic fluid pour background, atop a 5x8" discarded wood wall panel sample. Made with glow in the dark additives #psychedelicart #mushrooms #mushroomart #glowinthedark
Psychedelic mushrooms forming and deconstructing from layers of swirling rainbow pools and splashes. Original artwork by Klimt Juulep/CRD Larson #psychedelic #mushrooms #shrooms #mushroompainting #mushroomart #fluidart
"Where is my mind" psychedelic mushroom illustration / artist unknown


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golierovka zelenkastá Stropharia aeruginosa (Curtis) Quél. poisonous mushroom by Laco Tabi
Amanita phalloides by user Eva on the site indulgy (dot) com
Blue webcap.  Cortinarius rotundisporus, Bunyip State Forest, Victoria by Steve Axford


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Amanita Muscaria, commonly known as the Fly Agaric or Fly Amanita ~ By Stefano Vianello
Image & Photo from Fungi & Lichens - Photography (29301833) | fotocommunity
Marasmius elegans in Mill Creek, Dharug NP, Australia / image credit: flickr user kjbeath


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Three glow in the dark imaginary psychedelic mushrooms on swirled fluid background; 5x8" wood panel | Original artwork by Klimt Juulep / CRD Larson #fluidart #mushroom #psychedelic #toadstool #glowinthedark
Foxfire fungi by imgur user Andy Slot (AndySlot)
Bioluminescent mushrooms, photographer and species unknown.


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Plums and Custard fungus (Tricholomopsis rutilans) / photo by flickr user Dr Steven Murray
☆ Bleeding Tooth Fungus: Hydnellum peckii, Tallulah at Gorge State Park .. Rabun County .. Georgia :¦: By Alan Cressler ☆
Dryad's Saddle - Le Polypore écailleux / Polyporus squamosus (Polyporaceae Polyporacées) // Photo by monteregina on flickr (cc)

White and Pink

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