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a cake decorated with macaroons, blueberries and blackberries in a box
a white cake with blue butterflies on it
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a wedding cake with purple butterflies on it
25 Impresionantes Tortas para Bodas con Mariposas - Bodas
25 Impresionantes Tortas para Bodas con Mariposas - Bodas
a pink cake with purple butterflies and the number 35 on top is decorated with white frosting
The Prettiest Cake Designs To Swoon Over
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cupcakes with purple and blue frosting in a white box on a table
Galaxy themed desserts are taking Instagram by storm
three cookies stacked on top of each other with pink, blue and white icing
Unicorn Macarons - Sprinkles For Breakfast
This week marks two years since my mom passed away. I find the anniversary of a loved ones death to be a very strange undertaking. What do you do? Do you celebrate that person with cake and flowers and talk about all the good times? Or do you spend your time remembering how this day changed the course of your life forever? A day where you hide under the covers to keep out the bad memories, and only to come out to eat an entire pizza and a pint of ice cream by yourself. It's a weird day.