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Make a Ninja Star Fidget Spinner
Mickey Mouse Fidget Spinner (Affiliate)
BMW fidget spinner
Our kids LOVE fidget spinners, so for our Kindergartener, I decided to make him a math worksheet. All that you do is spin your fidget spinner and see how many math problems you can do before the spinner stops. Write your number down and try again! PS- You can order a your fidget spinner here....
Machined stainless steel fidget spinner bottle opener
Colorful Skull Head Fidget Spinners Anti Stress.
Fidget Spinner For Sale
Join the craze and build your very own LEGO Fidget Spinner!  Head to to download more Spinner instructions from LEGO Technic and LEGO Classic  Happy building!
A fidget spinner that is inspired by Draven, a hero from League of Legends. Only true fans will enjoy this.