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Ital Cicli Systems gold plated C Record Rear Derailleur - FREEWHEEL GIPIEMME CRONO SPRINT ORO 6S 13-21

Lavish gold plated bicycles from Ital Cicli Systems Zurich, this show bike has never been ridden.

Van Heesch Copper Bicycle

What does any resourceful former design student living in Amsterdam do when faced with overcrowded racks of rusting bikes? Design a copper one that gets better with age, that's what. Van Heesch Copper Bicycle - handmade in the Netherlands.

Camo Fixed Gear Bike

Who or what is Death Spray Custom? Death Spray Custom / DSC is an identity that is used to front my adventures in surface design. It is intended to be a playful riposte to an often serious world of art, design etc.